Latest Version
6.40 MB
  • Crash#199174258, crash after removing some annotations on macOS 10.12.*
  • crash#199174265, the specified font name wasn’t found on some Mac.
  • Bug: Bookmarks disappear
  • Display alert message if the current PDF file can’t be saved without write permission.
  • Enhances feature: “remember last opened windows”
  • Bug: freeze the UI when saving files
  • Supports open/copy links in right-click menu
  • Bug: link between PDF files doesn't work (If a link from PDF points to another PDF).
  • Fixed other minor bugs
* PDF Guru is also available on Mac App Store

Older Versions
6.38 MB
  • Fixes crash issues when editing text annotation.
  • Fixes print bugs on 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Fixes the text annotation border issue after saving, on 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Adds a preference to keep the sidebar open every time.
  • Fixes other minor bugs
7.22 MB
  • Fixes bugs
  • Fixes a crash on 10.12